sponsorshipsSophie Gerson Healthy Youth offers a variety of sponsorships that can satisfy your funding priorities in focus and investment.


Our sponsorships cover three categories:

Program Sponsorships
School Sponsorships
General Sponsorships

With any sponsorship, we will prominently associate your organization’s name with the area you have designated. We would also include your name and your link or web address on our website, with more than 54,000 visitors and more than 142,900 pages read per year.  You will be recognized on our Facebook page and in all of our 4,600 plus print and online communications, throughout the year.

Your sponsorship is, in fact, a partnership and we would welcome you to designate a representative to serve on our Board of Directors or Advisory Board. You can observe our work at tournaments, dance performances, and other special events. As a program sponsor, you can visit our programs and schools, meet and speak with our students and faculty.

Program Sponsorship Packages

Sponsorship of more than one program will enable SGHY to extend offerings to more students. 

Aerospace comprehensive program:      $25,000
Sponsors 32 students for 10 weeks of afterschool robotics, aviation, and space science classes at the New York City Center for Space Science Education, as well as one week (during a school break) of Digital Universe Camp at the Hayden Planetarium of the American Museum of Natural History, plus visits to: Columbia University’s Pupin Hall Astronomical Observatory, meeting astronomers and using telescopes; the Intrepid Air and Space Museum, and an active airport with an inside tour.

Dance Program at the studios of the National Dance Institute:      $12,500
Sponsors 30 students for ten 90-minute dance instruction sessions, followed by a grand finale performance. 

Tennis Program:      $10,000
Sponsors 50 students from two schools, for 10 weeks. Program includes two 90-minute sessions each week at outdoor tennis courts, culminating with the Annual Sophie Gerson Cup Tennis Tournament at Columbia University, followed by play as well as Q&A with Columbia championship tennis players and coaches.

Summer Sleep-Away Camp:    $7,000
Sponsors a group of 10 students for one week on a college campus sleep-away camp with a focus on tennis, basketball, volleyball or science, plus general camp activities and socialization opportunities with peers from around the world. 

In-school volleyball, badminton, dance or running:    $5,000
Sponsors 30 students for one of the above activities (not during school time), for a minimum of twelve weekly sessions.

Day Camp:   $4,500
Sponsors 30 students for one week at Riverside Park with a focus on basketball or tennis.

Young Scientists:   $3,600
(Sponsors 50 students for two days, including an overnight at Columbia University’s renowned Lamont Doherty Earth Institute on the Palisades. Students learn earth science, geology, ecology (of the Hudson River), and climatology (including the science of climate change) through hands-on experimentation and exploration, guided by Columbia scientists — inspiring future scientists, engineers, and critical thinkers!) 

Outdoor Nature:    $3,600
Sponsors 30 students for four outdoor nature trips (one for each season) hiking, ice skating, rafting, and interacting with nature in the great outdoors.


School Sponsorships

A donation of $50,000 allows SGHY to bring all of the above coordinated programming to one middle school, serving at least 170 students.  Our actual budget is closer to $80,000.  However, if you commit to $50,000 SGHY will raise the balance before seeking your donation.  With your school sponsorship, you will “adopt” a school and become part of the school community.


General Sponsorships

SGHY gladly accepts unrestricted donations.  We will apply your unrestricted gift where it is most needed to sustain and expand the programming described above in our current schools as well as additional ones. We ask you to consider the following general sponsorship levels. (Please note: The descriptions in parentheses below are just to provide an example of what a particular donation amount will cover.)

Benefactor       $700
(Average tuition for one student at sleep-away camp for one week) 

Patron of the Arts     $1,000
(Scholarships for two students for the summer dance program of the National Dance Institute)

Top Gun         $1,800
(Cost of required teacher for one week Aerospace Camp during school break)

All Star           $2,250
(Sponsors 15 kids for basketball day camp)

Olympic Champion        $5,000
(Funds an in-school afterschool program for up to 50 kids in volleyball, badminton, running or dance)

Grand Slam Champion       $12,000
(Cost of tennis program and tournament for 60 kids from two schools)

Super Star                         $21,000
(Funds 30 kids for a week at sleep-away camp) 

All American Scholar Athlete   $50,000
(Adopt a school – provides full program serving 175 students at one middle school)

We would be pleased to discuss these further and to tailor a variety of additional options to satisfy your personal, foundation or corporate objectives.  Click here to start the conversation.


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