NYC Center for Space Science Education Welcomes Our Students

NYC-center-for-space-science-educationThe NYC Center for Space Science Education at 220 Henry Street will introduce our students from MS 126 and MS 302 to STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) this year.  Their program is a leader in this subject. Their lab consists of the Challenger Space Center (40 in the U.S.), and the NASA Aerospace Education Lab (28 centers in U.S.). And this is all made possible by the NASA Space Act Agreement which allows partnering with the community to give a wider range of access to technology.

On a recent visit to The NYC Center for Space Science Education by Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth, President, Alan Gerson, Dr. David Milch, and SGHY Board Members, Dr. Leonard Golubchick and Shelley Deal Winfield, the teachers provide lessons for the teachers in the schools to prepare children for their experience at NYCCSSE. The class receives activities at the Center which involve discussions including: flight, gravity, comets (long or short), principles of control, weather conditions, health, effects of space on the human body, and more. During this session the class donned colored bibs, split up into two groups and were assigned to different control stations in two different rooms where tasks had been prepared. Students predicted, observed and discussed their results. At the end of the session, a loud roar was heard by all, the mission was successful! The students receive certificates of achievement.

NYC-center-for-space-science-education_flightA future lesson will be devoted to aeronautics weather. The students will be asked to locate six different airports in the U.S. on the computer. Then they will have to determine: date/time, temperature, clouds/precipitation, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, and barometer (air pressure). Participants are then asked, just as the pilot following this flight plan, “do you have concerns about the weather conditions?”

For each NYC Center for Space Science Education curriculum there was a consistent plan which consists of the following components: a motivator, brainstorming, draw concept (literally), answering: what do we know?, lesson topic, materials, preparation and safety procedures, activity and wrap-up.

SGHY has received a $10,000.00 grant from the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association for the Space and Sports Camp at NYCCSSE. Included in SGHY’s commitment will be the purchase of a 3-D printer (cost $1,360.00) which will be used during the Challenger Mission session where a created problem will be solved by building a part during the flight.

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