Current SGHY Program Options

Youth Enrichment 

Each year SGHY provides our schools with enrichment programs in sports, dance, hands-on science, outdoor nature, cultural exchange, music and drama. SGHY, follows a unique 5-pronged cost- and educationally-effective model, which we call the four fingers of the Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth helping hand:

    1. All camps and programs are entirely free to students and families including transportation and attire, if needed
    2. SGHY engages only top-quality program providers, including a partnership with Columbia University
    3. SGHY involves teachers in all programs to assure collaboration between the school and program to best meet individual student needs
    4. We provide our students with year-round activities, to avoid the summer set-back from inactivity
  • Basketball: Teacher Led; Columbia Women’s Basketball Team
  • Volleyball: Teacher Led; Columbia Women’s Volleyball Team.
  • Tennis: New York Junior Tennis & Learning Coaches; Columbia Men’s Tennis Team
  • Swimming: Seahorse At Acqua Solutions Aquatic Complex
  • Badminton: Teacher Led; Columbia Badminton Club
  • Running, Track & Field: Teachers implement Road Runners curriculum/trips to at least
    two RR sponsored track meets with student participation for interested & qualifying student runners. Capacity dependent on # qualifying students.
  • Field Hockey: Four Sessions At Columbia Field, Columbia Women’s Field Hockey Team; United States Field Hockey Association
  • Ice Skating: Ice Theatre Performance And Instruction During School Day; Afterschool One Ice Rink Trip, Ice Theatre of NY
  • Gymnastics: Pending for the Spring Semester                              
  • Hands On Space Science – Part I Space Science: The Aerospace, Aviation & Engineering Program** Air Flight , Rocketry , the International Space Station (ISS). (1) In Class Instruction. (2) Three auditorium programs: Columbia Space Initiative (CSI); Professor Astronaut Mike Massimino; International Space Station hook up. (3) One visit per science class to NYC Henry Street Center for Aerospace & Applied Mathematics. (4) Grade trips to Museum of Natural History/Planetarium, Intreprid
  • Space Science Immersion – Part II: Each school selects 30 students; Spring Semester. (1 )Day trip to Columbia Campus for Aerospace and Engineering Lab activities, including Electricity Lab. (2) Nighttime trip to Pupin Hall for astronomy observing. (3) Digital Universe week-long course at Hayden Planetarium during winter or spring break. (4) 10 week after school program at Aerospace Center (Henry Street or in-school). (5) Inside Airport Trip (after school or weekend)
  • Hands-On Environmental Science: Three school day  trips, with possible fourth add on,  during school year: Columbia University; Earth Institute/Lamont Doherty; Wave Hill; Governors Island or Harbor Tour. Soil analysis project, under auspices of Rockefeller University, visit to Rockefeller Labs (pending)
  • Outdoor Nature: Three or four Sierra Club led trips, one per season, up to 85 students (entire grade) weekend or school day at the school option. (1) Fall: Apple or pumpkin picking; fall foliage hiking. (2) Winter: Bear Mountain ice skating, sleigh riding conditions permitting; winter hike. (3) Spring: Spring Awakening Hike (Child’s Park, Pennsylvania, other). (4) Summer Aquatics Option: Harbor Tour or Delaware Rafting or rowing (all pending)
  • Cultural Exchange – Global Classroom: In School Class or Afterschool Club; suitable for student government, weekly one period – one hour. School Option. ( 1) Students create and exchange videos with overseas peers, engaging each other in video conversation. Current countries include Gabon, Israel, Spain, with others to be added. (2) Teacher must participate in quarterly Zoom sessions with overseas teachers. (3) Guest visits for two or three sessions from TriBeCa Film Festival filmmakers to coach students on how to tell a story through film. Trip to UN.
  • Anthrobytes: Museum of Natural History, learning about different cultures through food; 8 week course, after school; alternates in Museum/remotely, with priority to Global Classroom students.
  • Dance National Dance Institute: 12 week course subject to renewal if held in fall.  Basic dance movement, all genres; student choreography; choral singing, grand finale performance, up to 30 students, minimum 20, boys and girls; schools must schedule a recruitment program by NDI  during school day for a target grade. NDI selects students to attend advanced course based on performance.  This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.
  • Music: Weekly, 90 minutes, two 12 week courses for both music classes (Drama one 12 week course), grand finale performance;  min 6, max 20 students.

Folk Guitar:  NY Conservatory of Music, provides folk guitar instruction at schools, with singing.

Voice: NY Conservatory of Music provides voice coaching chorus training, at schools

SUMMER CAMP (2023 Pending)   Open to all Schools 
    • Co-Ed – Sports, Science, Arts: Sleepaway Camp at Camp Zeke, five nights
    • Day Camp: Kids of Summer, one week program, 5 days/wk.; mixed athletics.
    • Basketball: Hoop Group, basketball sleepaway camp; 1 weef

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