Youth Advocacy

Cooking Healthy Foods

Sophie was dedicated to youth advocacy – making our world a better place for all, especially for young people.  SGHY continues Sophie’s youth advocacy on a strictly non-partisan basis.  This past year SGHY took on three important causes.

Improved Nutrition in School Meals
After SGHY’s advocacy, the Department of Education prohibited chemical Azodicarbonamide, a substance reported to promote cancer and health risks, from all school meals.

Ending Youth Homelessness
Ending Youth Homelessness – SGHY has joined the nationwide campaign launched by the Ali-Forney Youth Center to make sure every child and teenager lives in a home, not on the street or in a shelter.

The Ali Forney Center is grateful for the early endorsement of Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth of our National Campaign for Youth Shelter. This campaign seeks to bring together the LGBT community with the broader anti-poverty movement to demand a national commitment that every homeless youth in our nation receive shelter and support.  We know this continues Sophie Gerson’s professional and personal commitment to the well-being of all young people. Carl Siciliano,Executive Director, Ali Forney Center

Healthy to Learn
Too many children proceed through school with undetected and untreated medical conditions, harming their health and their learning.  That’s why the Children’s Health Fund has launched the Healthy to Learn initiative – to make sure that children receive screenings and treatment for a range of health conditions that would impede their ability to succeed in school. Sophie Gerson fought for this throughout her career in education and achieved greater health services for students  while serving on the School Board. The Children’s Health Fund appreciates Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth’s early support for the Healthy to Learn Initiative, continuing Sophie Gerson’s commitment.

Healthy to Learn screens and treats for : Asthma, Vision, Hearing, Oral Pain, Behavioral Health, Anemia, Lead and Hunger with follow-up healthcare.

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