Reaching Higher in Sports and Academics

Reaching Higher in Sports and Academics with the Help of Our Friends

Reaching Higher in Sports and Academics_KOS

MS 302 Kids of Summer Team

In Summer 2017 SGHY had their most expansive summer camp program, ever.  More middle-school children and a greater variety of camps, thanks to the generosity of our benefactor Dr. David Milch and to Board Member Ayo Harrington who coordinated the logistics.

This Fall SGHY also put in place their most exciting school year program, reaching higher in sports and academics.  More students in our two schools will reap the benefits.   The 2017-2018 school year program essentially extends last year​’s​ based on last year’s budget, with three notable expansions.

1) With grants from the United States Tennis Association, The Educational Foundation of America and from the NYC Council, we have expanded the tennis and dance programs.

​2) We have added more athletic and science programs with Columbia University, all at no or very low cost thanks to their Student and Grant Community service requirements and coordination from Board Member Dr. Leonard Golobchick.

3) This year SGHY will implement a video pen pal exchange with funding from another grant from Interns for Peace, thanks to Board Member Karen Wald Cohen.

Reaching Higher in Sports and Academics_with Columbia University students and coaches

Students with Columbia University students and coaches

This year’s sports programs can occur as afterschool, before school  or in weekend activities, at MS 302 and MS 126 in the following sports: volleyball (boys and girls separate), badminton, running. SGHY’s donation can be applied to equipment, uniforms, teacher time, transportation or coaches (from NYJTL which can provide coaches in badminton or volleyball).  But we have also added a new component with Columbia University.  Columbia athletic teams will host and meet with or provide clinics for our students. This program provides both athletic and college inspiration.

STEM Reaches Higher, Too.

Reaching Higher in Sports and Academics - AeroSpace Program with Columbia University

A visit with former astronaut and current Engineering Professor Mike Massimino at Columbia University

Our schools have unlimited free-of-charge access to the space science center, which the Department of Education has renamed as the NYC Center for Aerospace and Applied Mathematics.   In addition, there will be an immersion program.  One component will be an eight  week, afterschool program at the Center for Aerospace and Applied Math with a focus on robotics and aerospace.  Another component involves an exciting expansion of SGHY’s collaboration with Columbia University where middle-school tudents can meet and interact with University scientists and engage in hands-on science in University laboratories.  A third component of the overall program consists of an inside tour of an area airport, in which students get to visit a control tower and airplane cockpit as well as other airport features.

It’s already an exciting year !

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