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SGHY works with two New York City Middle Schools. Our schools select the students who participate in SGHY programs or receive SGHY scholarships, with parental permission, based on criteria Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth establishes in consultation with the educators and program providers and in compliance with all applicable Department of Education regulations. Summer camp scholarships go to students whose families cannot afford the tuition. SGHY plays no role at all in the selection of individual students.  All programs and summer camps are 100% free of charge to all students and their families.

MS 302, South Bronx – The Luisa Dessus Cruz School

Programs-MS302This school is located in the South Bronx which is one of the highest poverty areas in New York City.  It is the successor to the school where Sophie Gerson taught for the first stage of her career.

The school has a population of close to 600 children.  Almost 100% of the children, in grades 6 through 8, are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. The school accommodates children from three homeless shelters which are in the immediate vicinity of the school.  In addition, the school’s population includes 27% of the student body classified as needing special education services, and 23% of the students classified as English Language Learners.

MS 126, The Lower East Side  —  Jacob August Reis/Manhattan  Academy of Technology

Programs- MS126The school is located in Manhattan on the Lower East Side in Chinatown, an area which is classified as a high-poverty neighborhood.

The school serves 830 children of which half are in grades 6 through 8. The school adjoins both the Alfred E. Smith public housing project and a major family homeless shelter.   Over 90% of the children are eligible for free breakfast and lunch. The school student population consists of 23% classified as needing special education services and 16% classified as English Language Learners.


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