TeamFirst and Ty Grant Give MS 126 Something to Remember

TeamFirst and Ty GrantOn January 29th more than 30 middle school students at MS 126 got the treat of a lifetime from TeamFirst and Ty Grant.

For two hours our students were totally immersed in some serious training.  The basketball clinic wasn’t just about hoop shots, it was a grueling physical workout, the essence of teamwork, focus and after all that, skill.  Ty and his assisting coach challenged, cajoled, nudged boys and girls in equal measure.  And these kids loved it.

“We’re not an AAU program, we’re not here to funnel kids to colleges. We’re here to let kids know that it’s great to be a great player, but it’s even better to have an education behind you,’’ says Grant. (Quoted from the NY Post)

To these Middle School students, it was all that…but we’ll let the pictures tell you the rest.

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