Spring Benefit Delivers on Summer Camp

This Year’s Spring Benefit Tops Its Goal

Spring Benefit Team trendy restaurant lounge on the far West Side in the 30s actually sports a mini-basketball court. When it’s Walt “Clyde” Frazier’s place — Clyde Frazier’s Wine and Dine — that’s what you get, and it was an appropriate venue for the 2015 spring benefit for Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth….Tequila Minsky, The Villager, May 28th, 2015

Honored at the event were Walt Frazier; Steve Ashkinazy – an L.G.B.T.rights pioneer; Pastor Pedro Cardi – vice preseident of Teamsters Local 210; Michael Fortenbaugh – founder of the Manhattan Yacht Club; Virginia Kee – well known leader in the Chinatown community and Harry Malakoff – founder and commissioner of the Malakoff Girls Basketball League at Greenwich House.

The purpose of the Spring Benefit was to raise funds to send 50 plus public middle school students on a memorable summer adventure.  At the National Dance Institute four students attended an intensive professional dance workshop for four weeks.  At Knox Camp students from the Bronx and the Lower East Side had the opportunity for intensive basketball and life-skills training from Ty Grant and TeamFirst.  At Manhattan Youth students experienced their first outdoor camping trip.  At Julian Krinsky Summer Tennis Sleep-Away Camp, on a college campus, students learned the fine points of tennis competition.  At New York City Center for Space Science Education (NYCCSSE) hands on science education takes center stage.

With more than 175 guests and patrons, SGHY’s goal was met…and then some.  But, there was no denying that Walt Frazier‘s presence and full participation, all evening, was the piece that gave the SGHY teams their spirit.

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