Summer Dance Institute


Summer Dance_National Dance Inst2

Nouhoum Koita, right

The Irene Diamond Summer Dance Institute at the Renown National Dance Institute Is a Great Success.  

For the past two summers SGHY has provided stipends to enable two students to attend NDI’s summer institute.

This year SGHY will also sponsor after-school dance programs by NDI for MS 302 and MS 126 students.

Here’s what our students have to say about it:

 You learn a lot about jazz, ballet, tap and music that definitely helps everyone in the long run. 
Nouhoum Koita, 7th Grade

Summer Dance_National Dance Inst.

Elijah Young, left

 I love NDI because at one point in my life all dance to me was people leaping on stage. NDI changed that.  At Summer Institute I learned so much about dance;
that it was composed of many different techniques such as tap, modern, ballet, and even stunt. Without music dance wouldn’t be the same.
I had the pleasure of learning from the best dance teachers at Summer Institute and I believe that everyone deserves to
have the same experience that I had with dance.

Elijah Young, 8th Grade



And, from founder Jacques d’Amboise, “Sophie’s life force continues to transform lives.  What a woman!”


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