The Sierra Club and Croton Gorge Park

Sierra-club_Croton-GroupVery early on a nippy Saturday morning 20+ Middle School Students from MS 126 boarded a bus for an outdoor adventure with Sierra Club volunteers.  The destination was Croton Gorge Park, a wilderness experience for these Lower East Side/Chinatown adolescents.

Through a special arrangement with Sophie Gerson Healthy Youth the Sierra Club New York Chapter has arranged to conduct a series of outdoor adventures with our students at MS 126 and MS 302 (Bronx) on weekends and during school vacations.

Sierra-club_the-horseIn more than 20 thank you notes from the participants it was clear that the trip was an eye opener…as well as an opportunity they hope to have again.  They walked the reservoir,  examined the aquaduct, discovered this is where NYC water comes from AND met horses; the latter making an unusual hit.

Bryce Winters liked walking through the woods.  To Martha Jack it was the excitement of walking through the tunnel and learning how all that water got turned on and off.  Jayleen liked walking the dam and experiencing the waterfall.   Jacob Golasmith thought the whole thing was “amazing” and hopes there will be another trip where he can learn to snowboard and ski.


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